Home Hair Tips for Quarantine

Hello Gorgeous.

How are you doing? I miss seeing you all in the midst of all the craziness going on in our world. As we experience physical distancing and a new normal, I know you may not be feeling as gorgeous these days, so I wanted to share some home hair tips!

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Tip #1 – Use root powder NOT box dye

unnamed.jpgIf your new growth is driving you crazy it can be tempting to use a quick fix box dye from the store. The problem is these box dyes do not timageake into account your natural color, they include harsher chemicals, and any mistakes can cause a much more difficult and expensive color correction afterwards. It’s just not worth it!! I have two COLOR WOW Root Cover Up - Light Brownrecommendations you can try! Color Wow Root Cover Up (sold through online retailers), or Style Edit Root Powder or Spray which is sold through my salon with free shipping by clicking this link!  It’s a powder and brush (similar to eyeshadow) that brushes nicely onto your roots without the mess and splotches a spray can sometimes cause. If you’re unsure what color to choose, let me know and I can help!

Tip #2 – Wear hair accessories 

imageIt’s springtime and although we may not be out and about as much as we’d like to be, why not still put some fun accessories in your hair to jazz it up a bit to not only hide your need for a hair appointment, but to also bring some bright colors, sparkles or to make that daily ponytail or messy bun have some variety?


Tip #3 – Give your hair some time to rest & repair

Now is a great time to be giving your hair a break and giving it Hair Repair Mask | Davinessome love by using less heat from a blowdryer, flat iron, or curling iron and by doing conditioning masks at home! Since you may not be styling your hair every day, think of it as a break for your hair (and yourself!). And when you’re wandering around the house or watching Netflix, put on a conditioning mask like Davines Nou Nou and allow it to sit on your hair for a bit before rinsing. Better yet, give yourself a home spa moment and lay down with a hot towel or take a warm bath. You deserve it!

Hope you can find some inspiration in these quick tips and I hope to be back in the salon with you very soon!!




Summer hair care!

Hello there! Since May is the month full of school ending, graduations, Mothers day, and the beginning of SUMMER, I thought chat a bit about the best ways to care for your hair in the heat, sunshine and those lovely pool days!

IMG_1735.JPGChlorine/Salt Water:  It’s no secret, chlorine and salt water can strip your color over time or cause it to feel dry. It’s best to rinse your hair immediately after being in the pool or ocean so the chemicals or salt don’t stay or dry into your hair for long. Using a color preserving shampoo & conditioner like Minu (by Davines) or Angel Wash (by Kevin Murphy) is ideal and a weekly masque will help maintain health.

Color fading from the sun:   If the sun is powerful enough to burn your skin, then yes it can lighten your hair and/or strip your hair color. Wear hats as often as you can to protect the color or make an appointment for a color gloss/refresher! A gloss/toner/glaze (stylists often call them by different names) is a quick & easy way to add shine back into the hair and/or tone your color back to where you want it! They can be added on to a cut or color service or be done on their own!


Must-Have of the Month: Sea Salt Spray & Hair Resort 

Want that back from the beach all day hair?? There’s just something about that salty air hair for summer that we love. But you dont have to go to a beach to get it!

Davines Sea Salt Spray or Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray give you that beachy texture that you can scrunch right in and air dry or blow dry. Perfect for summer day or night. You can purchase them at Fresh Salon!