5 Ways to show your hair some LOVE!

Hello Gorgeous.

Let’s talk about love for a minute…but I’m no expert on love in relationships, so let’s go with love for HAIR!! I always say hair is our best accessory cause we wear it every day. Investing in your hair has benefits not only externally but also internally by making you feel more confident, beautiful, & relaxed! So let’s give it a little extra love!

There are SO many things I could recommend for healthier, happier hair, but I’ll keep it simple and talk about 5 of my top recommendations!

5 ways to show your hair some love

1. Heat protection 
Let’s face it, we live in a world of hair dryers, flat irons & curling irons. And I love it! I curl my hair almost every single day. But all of that heat can do damage to your hair over time. Using a simple heat protection spray can protect your hair up to 450 degrees and prevent.a lot of potential damage. My favorite to use is Davines Melu Shield. Just spray it in your damp hair, blow or air dry and you’re good to go until your next wash! Easy peasy.2. Wash your hair less
Washing your hair daily can strip it of it’s natural oils which can cause dryness OR increased oiliness as your hair fights to produce more and more to keep up. It can also strip or fade your hair color faster. Washing between 2-5 days is ideal and don’t be afraid to let dry shampoo be your best friend to stretch out washes even further! I do it all the time!! (just ask me at your next appointment and I’ll share my favorite kinds).

3. In-salon or at-home treatments 
If your hair is going through a dry spell or feels damaged in any way, in-salon or at-home treatments can bring new life to your hair. In salon treamtments can do wonders with highly concentrated ingredients that you can’t get off the shelf. If you prefer something to take home, I can recommend a weekly masque that will deeply nourish your hair that’s also great for maintenance!

4. Consistent hair appointments
Even if you’re growing out your hair, getting a trim no longer than 6-12 weeks apart is extremely beneficial. Hair is like thread where strings are woven together. Once they start to fray on the ends, they begin to split up farther and farther. Hair acts the same way. When you’re trimming those frayed edges consistently, you avoid more splitting, allowing for consistent growth. As for color? The longer your wait the more your roots will grow out and the more work & money it may be to maintain your desired look. Generally plan to book your color apps between 4-8 weeks. Consistency is key!

5. Use salon quality products without silicones 
Occasionally I see new clients in the salon with a waxy build up on the hair. Typically this means they’ve been using off the shelf, drugstore brands that are full of silicones that over time create a coating on the hair. Yes, the buildup can be stripped out with a clarifying shampoo, but why not avoid it by using quality products that are concentrated and last even longer than a drugstore bottle. This ultimately saves you money, protects your hair, and extends your color.

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